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Project Leadership Success: Responsibilities, Competencies and Behaviors That Produce Positive Results – Part 6 of 10

Competencies:  Applying Emotional Intelligence There was a time when intelligence quotient (IQ) was considered the leading determinant of success. In Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ, Daniel Goleman argues that our IQ-idolizing view of intelligence is far too narrow. Instead, Goleman makes the case for Emotional Intelligence (EI)—a subcategory of social intelligence—as […]
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Motivational Series – Part 3: Team Motivation

When building and maintaining teams, there are several things one must consider: 1. Creating the right environment for a team 2. Providing the proper support for the team 3. Bringing the right people together for the team Environment: Environment is vitally important for many reasons. First of all, think about the damage that the wrong […]
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Project Leadership Success: Responsibilities, Competencies and Behaviors That Produce Positive Results – Part 5 of 10

Competencies: Making Effective Decisions Decisions must be made with a commitment to seeing them through. Effective decisions can be made by fixing attention on a few major decisions rather than a lot of little ones, along with focusing on making “right” decisions. Good decision makers define these four attributes for more effective decision making: 1. […]
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Google App Engine Account Not Displaying Applications

The course team recently encountered a problem working with the Google App Engine whilst developing the Cloud Computing Technologies course. We created an application in our Google App Engine account and then deployed it from Eclipse. The application deployed successfully and we could access it from a browser and use it. However, when we tried […]
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Writing Industrial Strength Requirements Using the IEEE Checklist

 The industrial strength IEEE well-formed requirements checklist found in IEEE Standard 830-1998 allows us to write well-formed requirements at any level of detail. However, it is one thing to recite the elements in the list and quite another thing to understand and consistently apply them to your requirements writing efforts. Let’s step through each element […]
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