Improved Amazon Private Cloud Security: EC2 Dedicated Instances

Back in October last year I posted an article titled ’How Dedicated is Your Private Cloud ?’. The main theme was that whilst organisations like Amazon offer private clouds on Amazon infrastructure, your virtual machines may actually be co-hosted on the same physical hardware as other organisations virtual machines. What is private in such scenarios […]
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New Amazon Web Services and EC2 Training Class

Great news!  Learning Tree recently decided to write a new class on cloud computing with Amazon Web Services. As far as I know, no author has been hired, but the tentative list of topics includes: Amazon EC2 for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Amazon S3 for cloud-based storage Amazon Elastic Beanstalk for Platform as a […]
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Amazon’s VM Import: A Step Towards Cloud Interoperability

Amazon have just announced a new feature for Amazon AWS known as VM Import. What VM Import provides is the ability to import virtual machine images from existing corporate environments and run them on Amazon EC2. This then enables organisations to benefit from EC2’s pay per use, elastically scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Currently, […]
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Deleting Attached Amazon EC2 EBS Volumes

When teaching Learning Tree’s Cloud Computing Course, I demonstrate various aspects of Amazons Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). As part of this, not only do I provision various machine types but also associated Elastic Block Storage (EBS) devices and attach and detach these. Since I use a demonstration account for this, one task I undertake […]
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Amazon AWS Support Services

The increasing competition between Cloud Computing vendors has lead Amazon to increase the level of support contracts available as well as reduce the price of existing offerings. As more vendors offer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), as an example consider the announcements from RackSpace which adds their ’fanatical support’ promise to their cloud offerings which […]
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