4 Easy Ways to Practice Your Linux Skills

A few times now, a student taking Learning Tree’s Linux server administration course has told me that their Linux experience is rather limited. Specifically, that they took the introductory user course about a year ago and they ”haven’t done much since.” Me: ”Uh-oh. So, how much have you used the command line since that course?” […]
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The Cloud goes to Hollywood

Earlier this week I attended a one day seminar presented by Amazon Web Services in Los Angeles entitled ”Digital Media in the AWS Cloud”. Since I was involved in a media project recently I wanted to see what services Amazon and some of their partners offer specifically to handle media workloads. Some of these services […]
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Are We Holding The Cloud to Unrealistic Standards?

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has released a report saying that if the telecommunications service providers — the ”phone companies” in older terminology — had followed their own industry’s accepted best practices, then a large percentage of the 911 emergency service outages in last summer’s derecho should have been ”avoidable”. That’s right, 911 emergency service […]
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Ch … Ch … Changes in the Cloud!

Wow! You take a few months break from teaching cloud computing and when you come back to it things are not the same. Most notably, there are several significant new features in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Let’s first take a look at Azure. The Management Portal has completely changed. It now has a […]
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Image Caching Headers and Amazon S3

A while ago I wrote an article about using Amazon S3 to serve images for my site, cocktailsrus.com. One thing I hadn’t noticed – until it was pointed out by my colleague, Richard Howells, who is very hot on caching and efficiency in general – was that the images were not being served with an […]
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