Happy New Year

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. I try to plan instead. So this year will be no exception. I have three goals when it comes to cybersecurtity: My first goal is to learn more about locks and physical security. I think I need to better understand how bad guys can break into facilities. I do […]
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It’s Been Going On For Over Three Millenia, Why Should It Stop Now?

In the early 1980’s I taught computer engineering students to program minicomputers. They learned both assembly language and C programming on a PDP-11 running UNIX. That system was text-based – it did not have a GUI. Since there was no GUI, the login was just a message: ;login: And the password prompt was just the […]
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My Dog’s Name is ”Chocolate Cookies”

When my father passed away my mother was in the hospital. I needed to access her bank account to pay some bills. They asked me for the account “password”. I told them I did not know, that my mother was unconscious and in the hospital. Then they asked the account security question: what was her […]
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Multi-factor Authentication on the Web

Authentication is a central part of an authorization scheme – it is important to know who someone (or some thing) is to know what he/she/it is allowed to do. Recently there has been a lot of discussion of multi-factor authentication on the web. First, what is multi-factor authentication?  There are three general ways to authenticate […]
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