Isn’t Azure just my ASP.NET Application hosted by Microsoft?

Well, yes … sort of … and no. It is true that Microsoft has made it pretty easy for ASP.NET developers to develop Azure applications. It is also generally true that it is relatively straightforward to port most existing ASP.NET applications to Azure with little or no modification. Of course there are some that say […]
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Creating an Azure Application without Writing Code

In Learning Tree’s Cloud Computing Introduction course when we introduce the topic of Platform as a Service (PaaS), we say that the vendor offerings can be broadly divided into two categories. There are PaaS for programmers which require custom programs to be written and there are PaaS for non-programmers which allow for application development without programming. We examine Azure […]
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Windows Azure Training Series: Creating an Azure Storage Account

In this blog post, I assume you already have an Azure subscription and a user account set up. If you do not, check out Windows Azure Training Series:  Understanding Subscriptions and Users. You might also like to read Windows Azure Training Series: Understanding Azure Storage for an overview of Azure storage. Creating a new Azure storage account […]
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Remote Desktop Functionality in Azure Roles

One of the cool new features of version 1.3 of the Azure SDK is the ability to connect to Azure roles using Remote Desktop. The increased visibility into the role makes monitoring activity and troubleshooting problems easier than ever. This allows for unprecedented flexibility and control over the role instance. Configuring a role for Remote […]
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Windows Azure Training Series: Understanding Azure Storage

Windows Azure Storage Choices There are a couple common ways of storing data when using Microsoft Windows Azure. One is SQL Azure, which is a cloud-based version of Microsoft SQL Server. The other is Azure storage. SQL Azure will be familiar to those who already understand relational databases. It may also make moving an application […]
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