Understanding Windows 8 Metro-Style Apps and WinRT

I’ve heard some misconceptions surrounding Windows 8 development. The first one is Microsoft is killing Silverlight. The second is Microsoft is favoring HTML 5 and JavaScript for developing Windows 8 applications over XAML and C#. The third is Microsoft is replacing the .NET Framework with a new framework called WinRT. Understanding Windows 8 Metro Apps […]
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Scaffolding ASP.NET MVC 3 using Entity Framework 4

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my current project combines Entity Framework, ASP.NET MVC3 and jQuery mobile. It’s my first real mobile-device focused project, and I’m not too concerned about scalability at the moment (at least not on the first cut – I will probably refactor later). My main interest right now is in […]
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How to: RAD ASP.NET MVC with MvcContrib

ASP.NET MVC has many obvious merits – testability, separation of concerns, RESTful URLs etc. But one thing it notoriously doesn’t have is much support for Rapid Application Development. You have complete control over HTML… at the cost of writing all the HTML yourself. With ASP.NET Web Forms you might struggle to take complete control over […]
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Offline Web Applications with HTML4

One of the exciting new features of HTML5 is the ability to create offline web applications. The idea is that the developer can set up a manifest that tells the browser to cache the application. The latest versions download to your machine when you visit, and if you want to use the application when you’re […]
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Conditional Compilation

Have you ever been in a situation where your application needs to behave one way in development and another in production? Perhaps you only want to send an email if the application is on the live server, or you’re developing an ASP.NET MVC application and need to add the [RequireHttps] attribute – but only if […]
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