Windows Azure Training Series: Setting up a Development Environment for Free

This is the second in a series of articles on getting started with Windows Azure.  To use Windows Azure, you’ll want to set up Microsoft Visual Studio, and install the Windows Azure tools and SDK. If you don’t have Visual Studio, you may be thinking this will be expensive. Actually, it’s free! This article will […]
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Helpful Windows Azure Tools from Cerebrata Software

When I was writing the Learning Tree Windows Azure course, I was writing lots of code.  As you might expect, things didn’t always go perfectly and tracking down the bugs was often difficult.  I recall two issues that were the hardest to figure out. One had to do with an error in the configuration file.  […]
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Learning Tree Cloud Computing Overview Course

Tomorrow, I am teaching Learning Tree course 1210, Cloud Computing Overview: Evaluating the Opportunities.  This is a half-day course running from 1:00 PM EST to around 4:00.  The course provides an overview of cloud computing and some of the choices available for Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service […]
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Windows Live vs. Google Apps: Part 1 – Windows Live

Chris Czarnecki’s article, Microsoft and Google Compete in the Cloud, inspired me to write this blog as I have been researching Google Apps and Windows Live for a while now and using bits and pieces of each. I’m going to write this article in two parts.  In the first, I’ll review the features of Microsoft Windows Live […]
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VMWare Code2Cloud Service for Java Cloud Development

In past posts I commented on VMWare’s CloudFoundry which enables Java developers to build Spring applications an deploy to a number of different public clouds. This is a very welcome solution that facilitates cloud portability. With the recent announcement of Code2Cloud, the offering has been taken to the next stage. Consider the development environment for […]
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