Realizing the Benefits of the Cloud

A while back, I wrote the article This Cloud Thing is Out of Control where I talked about moving a customer into the cloud to get better control over security, backups, testing, fault-tolerance and administration.  Well, we’re in the cloud now, and it hasn’t taken long to realize some of its advantages. Cloud for Security: I’m […]
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Microsoft Windows Azure new Features for 2011

A couple months ago, I wrote about what I Would Change about Microsoft Windows Azure.  At the their Professional Developer’s Conference (PDC) last week, Microsoft announced a number of new changes that made me, and I’m sure a lot of other Azure developers, happy. The first change, is the ability to deploy multiple Web applications per […]
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Amazon Dispels Cloud Computing Myths

The Learning Tree Cloud Computing training course has a section that considers cloud computing myths. My experience of teaching the class and the wide variety of misconceptions I encountered led me to write a white paper on these Cloud Computing myths. On this theme I was interested to hear Adam Selipsky, vice president of Amazon […]
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How Dedicated Is Your Private Cloud ?

On a recent consultancy assignment I was advising an organisation on their cloud computing strategy. The team were convinced that they required a private cloud and rightly so – their deployment scenario demands a private cloud for security reasons. A key question to be decided was should the cloud be on or off-premise. When deciding […]
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Cloud Computing Security Course

Some great news for technology professionals working with Cloud Computing. Learning Tree is developing a new course titled Securing the Cloud: Hands-On. This welcome addition to the Cloud Computing curriculum covers all those difficult aspects cloud computing raises from a security and disaster recovery perspective. Questions I am repeatedly asked when teaching the Cloud Computing […]
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