The PRINCE2® Communication Management Strategy

The PRINCE2 Communication Management Strategy contains a description of the means and frequency of communication to parties both internal and external to the project. This strategy facilitates engagement with stakeholders through the establishment of a controlled and bi-directional flow of information. The Communication Management Strategy is typically derived from any corporate communications policies (e.g. rules for disclosure for […]
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PRINCE2® and Your Communication Management Policy

When it’s time to figure out how to approach communication management on your projects, you need to start from the top down.  Step 1 is to establish a communication management policy and high-level approach that applies consistently across all projects in the organization.  Once that is agreed upon, then it’s time to figure out the details.   It is […]
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Asking the Right Questions to Elicit the Right Requirements

There are many types of questions used in gathering requirements information. Using all types of questions as part of your user requirements research allows you to organize and discover what the users need and want within the scope of the project. Remember, skilled requirements analysts are experts at asking questions, especially when they don’t know […]
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How Do We Make Good Team Decisions?

It can be difficult for the project team to make good decisions.  Should the scope of work be reduced?  Can we really do the work in the time provided?  What happens now that Dan is out for two weeks having surgery? The art of effective team decision-making is a difficult art to master.  I’m sorry […]
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Managing Project Communication Using PRINCE2® – Part 3 of 3

We discussed communications planning and implementation of a PRINCE2 project’s Communications Management Strategy in my previous two posts.  There is a third key piece to this communications puzzle, though. Effective project managers must be able to receive, distribute and report timely and relevant project information.  There are seven PRINCE2 management products that allow the project manager to do exactly that!  Let’s […]
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