Security vs. Security

There is a battle raging over security and you and I are in the middle of it. One the one hand there’s Yahoo, twitter and Google stepping up their use of encryption and the quality of their encryption. On the other hand Foreign Policy reports that the US and some other countries are trying to […]
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BYOD? I Hope You Didn’t Really Want That Data

Last week I talked about the importance of being able to get your data out of the cloud. After all, that’s an aspect of availability. Earlier this year I passed along the news from Symantec’s State of Information Report that more and more data is being stored ”outside the firewall”. Some people will say ”Well, […]
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Just How Important is this Cloud Stuff, Anyway?

Information security is more than just the confidentiality needed to keep secrets. There are two more legs in the so-called CIA triad comprised of Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. Confidentiality is the most important for most organizations, often because of regulatory or other formal requirements. Using the public cloud requires transferring your data into providers’ platforms […]
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Spring Cleaning in September

Last week I cleaned up my office. I replaced my desk, took out a work table and threw out a lot of junk that had built up over the last couple decades. I’m not sure why I did it last week, but that’s the way it goes. One thing I did was to purge some […]
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