They Hacked the Pentagon!

  They Hacked the Pentagon! In March of this year, the Pentagon announced a bug bounty program called “Hack the Pentagon.” The idea was one private companies also use. In the Pentagon’s model, the “hackers” were invited, but the concept is the same: “white-hat hackers” are turned loose to attempt to compromise systems, networks, or […]
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Can Your Car Be Hacked?

It’s no secret that cars today are run by computers. Services such as OnStar from GM and others also communicate information about the car to other locations. These are marketed as safety tools and for the large part they are. Insurance companies are also promoting dongles that connect to a vehicle’s maintenance port to gather […]
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Vote Early, Vote Often

As I write this today is election day in the US. For reasons that may seem absurd to those non-US folks reading this, we have multiple types of voting machines here. Some places use electronic touch screens, some have paper ballots where voters fill in bubbles or complete an arrow with a pencil. Those paper […]
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Exploit vs. Antivirus: It’s No Contest

In a recent blog, we talked about the recent Java vulnerability and how it was still kicking around.  The flaw has been identified as CVE-2012-0507 in the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures database.  You might be thinking that you are still safe, as you have antivirus.  Let’s find out how well it protects you. As of […]
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What is a Vulnerability?

In discussions and meetings with other information security professionals, I hear a lot of misinformation. I’m a geek and like to be more precise, rather than less.  The use of the term vulnerability is a special pet-peeve of mine.  The core of information assurance is making sure you don’t have serious vulnerabilities. So, what exactly […]
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