Improve Your Missing Index Recommendations

Always Listen to Advice; Don’t Always Follow It We have on many occasions looked at query execution plans in the Management Studio. No doubt you have noticed that occasionally a green note appears in the heading of the plan describing a “missing index”. What could be better? SQL Server is telling you what indexes you […]
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Using Covering Indexes to Avoid Hashes and Sorts

In the previous installment, we saw that covering indexes can reduce the number of page reads required to satisfy specific queries, thereby improving performance for those queries. We’ll turn our attention now to some more subtle applications of covering indexes. For this we will use the ContosoRetailDW sample database, which is considerably larger than the […]
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Explore the Benefits of Covering Indexes

Sometimes the old ways are still the best- even in technology. Long before there was an SQL Server, database professionals made advantageous use of the “covering” index, so-called because the columns used in the index cover all the requirements of a particular query of special interest. Let’s take a look at a class covering indexes […]
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