Keys to Delivering Successful Programs

In the most recent Project Management Institute (PMI) Report ‘The High Cost of Low Performance’, organizations waste US$122 million for every US$1 billion invested due to poor project performance — a 12 percent increase over last year.1 This is staggering and leads to an important question: How can mature program management practices lead to a competitive […]
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Change Management: a Love-Hate Relationship – Part 1

Change management is a process that sometimes gets tagged as bureaucratic or too difficult to follow. Questions raised within IT may include: Why does it take so long to introduce a change? Why is the change manager asking so many questions? Why does this change require the involvement of all stakeholders? I’ve been to a […]
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The End of the IT Department

Much has been said about the possible end of the IT department as organisations move to cloud computing. The drag on business progress due to the IT department has often caused frustration for both business and IT personnel. Machines cannot be provisioned as quickly as required, applications cannot be developed as quickly as is necessary […]
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