Measuring Business-IT Integration – Part I

So we understand now what is meant by business service management or BSM and some of the critical success factors. Measurements are at the core of enabling IT organizations and IT leadership to assess how well IT organizations are supporting their respective businesses and customers. We will focus on indicators that help IT organizations appreciate […]
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Factors Impacting Service Management Implementation – Part I

This is first of two blogs that we will have on the factors that impact business service management implementation. As discussed in my previous blogs, business service management implementation is more about cultural transformation than anything else. It is a major shift in the way IT organizations plan, produce, deliver and manage their products/services. Some […]
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Leveraging BSM to Maximize Return on ITSM Investments

Business service management (BSM) is about managing business services such that IT performance can be measured not in IT terms but in terms of business value delivered. Business services enable the core business process and, in most cases, are really what business customers can relate to. It will be critical to any organization embarking on […]
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Why Should I Care About Business Processes When Realizing ITSM?

A business exists because it creates and delivers its core products and services that are needed by its customers to achieve their respective desired outcomes. For an automotive industry, these products are cars and other automobiles, for banks, it may be a range of banking products and services such as personal accounts, mortgages, personal loans, […]
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How Do We Align Business-IT Strategies Where Trust Is Lacking?

In business enterprises with low maturity IT organizations, IT is traditionally perceived to be a “necessary evil” and treated as a cost center because of the following key business reasons: IT costs are taxed across all businesses/customers irrespective of whether a particular business/customer uses any of the ‘things’ provided by IT or not. These ”things” […]
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