Leaving Your Mark: Thermal Signatures of Passwords Left on Keyboards

We leave evidence of where we’ve been and what we’ve done all over the place. From footprints to DNA, we seldom act without a trace. Our keyboards are no exception. I’m not talking just about fingerprints, DNA, food particles, or skin oils. I’m talking about heat. I saw a movie or maybe a television show […]
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A New Wireless Keyboard Sniffer and the Need to Encrypt

Eavesdropping is a significant threat to cyber security and it is a significant threat against which confidentiality countermeasures are deployed. We encrypt our data (right?), we shield some facilities, locate buildings a “safe distance” from roads and other public spaces, but if the threat is reasonably near a device, the usual measures may not be […]
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How To Customize Your Linux Interface — Part 1

Your keyboard and mouse are your interface to Linux, so you should customize them to match your personal tastes and habits. First of all, make sure that the has the correct keyboard layout, so you get the correct character when you press a key. But beyond that very fundamental step, you may want to remap […]
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