The Good News About Office 365 Outage

Last week, many North American Office 365 users suffered a three hour interruption to the service. Some Dynamics CRM users also experienced service disruption. This is not ideal for anybody but any IT infrastructure will suffer outage as some stage of its lifetime. What made this outage acceptable for the majority of users was the […]
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Do We Need An Office With Cloud Computing

Over the last two years, in my consulting role I have encountered an increasing number of organisations whose staff work from home one or two days a week. This has many benefits for both employer and employee. People still attend the office for a number of reasons, the office culture, communication and collaboration being core. […]
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Microsoft Releases Office365

Microsoft has announced the worldwide availability of Office365, released as their next generation of productivity applications. The product makes the popular productivity tools such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint available as a cloud service, where the software will always be up to date. By accessing these applications as a cloud service, a business can benefit […]
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