What’s The Story of the OpenSSL Hack?

As we discuss in Learning Tree’s Cloud Security Essentials course, the cloud is based on open-source technology. And, if you are developing your own solutions, as you do in PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud settings, you should use carefully tested and trusted open-source components. The OpenSSL project provides […]
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Cloud Computing, Learning Tree, Open Source and Moodle

Happy New Year! One benefit of cloud computing is that it facilitates examination (or re-examination!) of technologies that may previously have presented an administrative, financial or technical barrier. For example there are Amazon Machine Images which come pre-installed with open-source solutions as delivered as a ”virtual appliance”. Similarly the Azure Companion makes it very easy […]
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More Open Source on Azure

A few weeks ago, just for fun, I set up Moodle on an Amazon EC2 micro Windows instance I had created. I used the Windows Platform Installer to install the software and all required components. The process was quick and painless and within a very short time my test site was up, online and available […]
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Microsoft Azure Does Open Source

Yes, that’s right. It may or may not be widespread knowledge but Microsoft has been quietly supporting open source for years. Many people continue to think of Microsoft as a company that sells proprietary software. They certainly are that but they are also involved heavily in open source. They do not, in my opinion, get […]
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