The 7 MSP® Principles: A Closer Look

I haven’t changed my mind about MSP®. It is one of the best program management “road maps” around for getting a program defined and on track through a successful and controlled start, middle and end.  This structured, non-proprietary program management method focuses on delivering defined and measurable benefits to the business. MSP uses an integrated framework of elements […]
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Looking for a Program Management Method? Consider MSP®.

For folks looking for a program management approach that successfully navigates them through the program life cycle while focusing on the program manager’s role in delivering measurable benefits to the business, let me recommend Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®).  MSP is a structured, non-proprietary program management method.  Based upon proven principles, MSP provides a road map for […]
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Thoughts on Managing Virtual Programs

You know, it is unusual these days to work in an organization or on a program or project where everyone sits in the same area of the same building. A virtual program team, also known as a geographically dispersed program team, is a group of individuals who work across time, space, and organizational boundaries with […]
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Managing and Delivering Program Benefits

Program management is the centralized coordinated management of a program to achieve the program’s strategic benefits and objectives. One of the best things about programs is the benefits they deliver to an organization. When you think about program benefits think about them as an outcome of the program’s actions and behaviors that provide utility to […]
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Relating Programs and their Projects

According to PMI’s Standard for Program Management, programs consist of three components: a life cycle, a set of process groups and supporting infrastructure.  This sure makes a lot of sense.  These components provide a common frame of reference for any program.  They stretch from a program’s controlled start through its controlled middle where project and […]
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