Using Force Field Analysis to Assess Organizational Readiness

As a project manager or business analyst, you often find yourself acting as an agent of change for your organization.  This is inevitable since you are shepherding new solutions from their conception to their completion. The trick is making sure that folks are ready and willing to use the new solutions to get the job […]
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Identifying Project Assumptions and Constraints

Project assumptions and constraints show up frequently in our day-to-day business operations. Successful project managers and business analysts keep an eye out for the assumptions and constraints present on their projects.  After all, they can impact your project across a number of variables, including your project requirements and your resulting solution.  Given the risks that can arise from project […]
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Closer Look: The Solution Assessment and Validation Knowledge Area

 As you know, preparing for the IIBA’s CBAP® or CCBA™certification exam can be a lot of work! One recommended thing you should know backwards and forwards before sitting your exam is the six knowledge areas and their associated tasks. Here’s another knowledge area for you to get to know better… In the BABOK® Guide, the Solution Assessment and […]
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Job Hunt News for Project Managers and Business Analysts

Here is some positive news for all of the business analysts and project managers out there: your skills and expertise are very much in demand on IT projects.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for technology jobs was 3.3% in June 2011, compared with a 9.2% unemployment rate overall for the […]
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Ten Essential PRINCE2® Approaches for Kicking Off Your Project

I am sure having fun thinking about things in lists of ten… it’s always nice to be able to count what you need to consider on your fingers. Here is a quick reference list of things to think about when starting up your project.  I use this PRINCE2-based list alongside almost any project methodology where planning is […]
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