Who Are Your Quality Gurus?

A friend forwarded me a great link to the Management Encyclopedia website survey of the quality gurus.  Now this was an interesting read!  They have a list of 10 quality gurus, including: W. Edwards Deming Dr. Joseph Juran Philip Crosby Armand V. Feigenbaum Dr. H. James Harrington Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa Dr. Walter A. Shewhart Shigeo Shingo […]
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PRINCE2® and Your Quality Management Approach

When it’s time to figure out how to approach quality management on your projects, you need to start from the top down.  Step 1 is to establish a quality policy and high-level approach that applies consistently across all projects in the organization.  If you are lucky, your organization already has a corporate quality policy for you to follow […]
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Holding a PRINCE2® Quality Review Meeting

Since we are on the subject of PRINCE2 and quality, it seems like a good time to mention the PRINCE2 quality review technique.  It works GREAT, and I recommend that you try it on for size the next time you have a major project deliverable that needs a group review and blessing. The PRINCE2 quality […]
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Stepping Through the PRINCE2® Quality Planning Activities

What are the quality planning activities that project managers should use on their projects?  When targeting project success, PRINCE2 focuses on controlling the six key variables found on any project: costs, timescales, quality, scope, risk and benefits.    It’s one thing to list these six variables in a simple list.  It is quite another thing for […]
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Measuring IT Project Success

I read a very interesting survey about IT project success yesterday, done by Scott Ambler.  Check out the details of the survey at http://www.ambysoft.com/surveys/success2007.html.   This is really interesting project data and well worth a look! What really struck me about the survey was the thought that we project managers do not use the correct measures for project success.  […]
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