Are Programming Languages Secure?

  The informative and instructive posts on this blog about programming in the R Programming Language, and a colleague’s recent suggestion that I use F# for a particular task, got me thinking about the current proliferation of programming languages. As a working college student,  I designed and implemented a couple of programming languages and modified […]
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Three Criteria to Evaluate Professional IT Certifications

Professional certification can be a good thing. I have three, in fact. Learning Tree has its own certification programs and it also offers classes to help people prepare for industry certifications such as those offered by CompTIA and CISSP or Certified Ethical Hacking by the EC-Council. Indeed, Learning Tree was recently selected as an AXELOS Strategic Training Partner. […]
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How to Prep For The CompTIA Security+ Exam

Your job may require you to get CompTIA’s Security+ certification. The U.S. Department of Defense has their DOD 8570 requirement for their personnel and that of many of their contractors, and I am seeing other employees of other government agencies (U.S. and foreign) and private industry needing the certification. The bad news is that it’s […]
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Nothing New Under the Sun

The news in security last month has been all over the board: there was a story of credit card skimming at Target stores and one of listening to PC speakers to detect encryption keys. Quite a range, to be sure. The credit card skimming may involve actual compromise of the credit card terminals (readers).  I […]
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Why I Hate Security

You might think from all the posts I’ve done here and the classes I’ve taught about it that I love security. I do, sort of, and I hate it, sort of, too. I think this love-hate relationship is kind of healthy, though. So why do I hate it? Well, like most people I like closure. […]
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