SQL Server 2016: Keeping Up With the Latest Technology

Welcome to the first ever Learning Tree SQL Server Newsletter. Thank you for signing up. The purpose of this Newsletter is to keep you up-to-date with the latest news in the world of SQL Server. I hope you enjoy it. If you have any feedback on the newsletter, on how it can be improved or […]
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Injection Attacks: What They Are and How to Prevent Them

One topic we discuss in Learning Tree’s System and Network Security Introduction and  Defending the Perimeter from Cyber Attacks courses is “code injection.” I wrote a bit about this four years ago, but I want to provide more detail as these attacks are not going way as quickly as we thought they might. Wikipedia defines […]
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Excel as a Database: How to Create a Data Model in Excel 2013

Many blogs, including some originating from our friends in the rainy Pacific Northwest, have referred to the “new” data models in Excel 2013. I’m not sure “new” is quite the right word. “Useful”, absolutely. “Interesting”, most definitely. But what we are really seeing here is not so much new as it is another step in […]
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How to Use SQL and the Excel Data Model to Repair Data

In the previous instalment on querying economic data with SQL we saw a problem not uncommon in the world of worksheets-as-database. Errors and inconsistencies that seem trivial when looking at the data themselves become annoying impediments to creating the pivot table we want. In many cases, the traditional tools of the SQL database are well […]
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Excel as a Database: How to Query Economic Data With SQL

As we noted in the previous post on how to use Power Pivot Linked Tables, a wealth of economic information is available for download from banks and government agencies, as well as the United Nations. Unfortunately, the structure of that data differs from source to source, and rarely does it meet our requirements as is. In […]
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