Windows Azure Training Series: Understanding Subscriptions and Users

In the latest release of Microsoft Windows Azure many new features were added, and there were some slight changes in terminology.  In this series of articles, I’ll cover some of the basics for getting started with Windows Azure.  In this article, I’ll review how to set up a Windows Azure account, get a subscription and […]
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Windows Live vs. Google Apps: Part 2 – Google Apps

In the first part of this article I reviewed some of the main features of Microsoft Windows Live.  I wrote that article using the Microsoft Word Web app on my Mac.  Now, I want to review some of the main features of Google Apps.  This time, I’ll use Google Docs on my PC. Google Apps […]
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Windows Live vs. Google Apps: Part 1 – Windows Live

Chris Czarnecki’s article, Microsoft and Google Compete in the Cloud, inspired me to write this blog as I have been researching Google Apps and Windows Live for a while now and using bits and pieces of each. I’m going to write this article in two parts.  In the first, I’ll review the features of Microsoft Windows Live […]
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