Techniques to Help You Manage Stakeholder Expectations

When we talk about ‘stakeholders’ there are many, many groups that fall into this category. For example colleagues, customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, the media, regulators, competitors and special interest groups. There are too many to manage all of them individually, so it’s helpful to have some tools, techniques, and processes to help you prioritize and get the greatest impact for the least effort.

manage stakeholder

As well as the tools and techniques, it’s helpful to have some insight into what matters to your stakeholders, and ensuring stakeholders know your value.

Alexander, Miesing and Parsons research focuses on 3 key groups of stakeholders and what matters to them.

Their research looked at three key stakeholder groups:

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Shareholders

They found that TRUST was really important in deciding to stay in the relationship for the long term or look elsewhere. They generally preferred to stay in the long-term relationship rather than invest time and energy finding an alternative. Being treated fairly, equitably and honestly was very relevant to their level of trust. If you also provided a good service it increased the likelihood of the long-term relationship continuing.

It’s very easy to think that we are doing all of these things and dismiss these sort of findings as ‘common sense’ however, in reality, we are often deluding ourselves.

Would you like to see:

  • What you are actually doing, not just thinking what you want to do?
  • What’s your ’Preset Mindset’ (your internal view of the world) which is stopping you from listening effectively?
  • If you are making good decisions, but taking too long, or making bad decisions by acting too quickly?

Here’s your solution:

The Managing Stakeholders Simulation lets you experience a realistic, team-based computer simulation which reveals the answers to the above.

Using higher-order artificial intelligence developed over 15 years and used by many of the leading business schools around the globe, the Managing Stakeholders Simulation is a highly engaging way to learn. It employs a blend of computer simulation and classroom facilitation, to give you an excellent insight into your own behaviors and skills gaps, together with tools, techniques, processes, and templates for building your expertise.

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