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Efficient Storage for Linux Virtualization

I was recently helping someone migrate some virtual machines from VMware to Linux. That is, the virtual machines had been running on top of VMware Workstation, which was running as an application on Windows. The plan was to move the VMs to a Linux platform, taking advantage of the KVM (or Kernel Virtual Machine) support […]

How Many Linux Systems Do You Use? Don’t Answer Too Quickly

“Linux? Where you have to type everything and it’s all a bunch of cryptic nonsense like this? ls -laRF | less I don’t use it, I never would!” Don’t answer so fast. While Linux runs 97% of the top 500 supercomputers in the world, it runs on many devices you encounter in everyday life. And it’s not just […]

How To Use Linux Containers (LXC) With LVM

Last week I was explaining how Logical Volume Management or LVM was useful for file system maintenance on Linux. Containers are all the rage on Linux now, and LVM supports them very nicely. Let’s see how to do that! First, though, what are Linux Containers or LXC? LXC or a container is a virtualization environment. […]

How Can Linux Logical Volume Management (LVM) Help You?

Logical Volume Management or LVM is commonly used for Linux storage. If everyone is using it, there must be some good reason, right? Actually, there are several. Let’s see how we can take advantage of LVM. LVM Terminology and Concepts Physical volumes are disks or partitions. UEFI firmware needs a small EFI System Partition (or […]

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