Security is Virtually Different in the Cloud

I have just taught a version of the Learning Tree Cloud Computing course and top of the agenda was security and enough debate to stimulate this posting. Security is important in the cloud but is it really that different to security in general application and data security stored on private networks ? The answer is yes most probably.

Security of data and application security principles applied to private networks and deployments should still be applied to the cloud of course. Doug Rehnstrom posted on this recently. Security in the cloud is probably different from a private network and one of the major reasons is virtualization.

Cloud technology is built upon virtualization – this raises a number of security concerns – not just for the cloud but for all organisations that use virtualisation technology. The security of a virtualised solution is highly dependent on the security of each of its independent components – this has been highlighted recently by NIST who have issued guidelines on security in virtualised environments.

Security in a virtualised environment depends on the security of the hypervisor, the host operating system, guest operating system, applications, storage devices, networks connecting them. How many organisations that have deployed virtualised environments – and thats a lot, have actually considered the security implications of their implementation. I am confident that many of these organisations are the ones who state security as a barrier to adopting the cloud. As private clouds become more prevalent then the security of the virtualization, its monitoring and compromise detection will need to be carefully considered and adopted. Should that not be the case for all virtualized deployments, cloud or not ? Most definitely yes too. So if you are using a virtualized environment your security requirements are not so different from the cloud, you just may not have realised it.

If you are interested in the discussion further have a look at the white paper I recently put together.


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