SpotCloud: A Marketplace for Cloud Services

Enomaly have been a vendor of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for many years now. Always known for their innovation in the cloud, their latest offering is likely to be the start of a new way of purchasing cloud services. Their launch of SpotCloud is the first cloud computing clearinghouse and marketplace.

Cloud providers can sell their spare capacity to consumers via SpotCloud. Consumers purchase the capacity from SpotCloud. Cloud suppliers are not competing with their regular retail sales of cloud services as SpotCloud uses what they term an ‘opaque’ sales model, i.e. the buyer purchases capacity but is not aware of who is actually supplying that capacity. SpotCloud meters, tracks and bills capacity buyers and pays the capacity sellers directly. Such a scenario should be beneficial to sellers who can make money from their spare capacity and also to buyers who can get the best market driven price for their compute power.

They way it works for capacity buyers is that they upload VM based applications to SpotCloud and SpotCloud automatically distributes the application to providers who have the capacity at the agreed price. SpotCloud is the central point of a globally distributed pool of providers. The term used for the application distribution is ‘Cloud Spanning’ – applications span multiple cloud environments totally transparently to cloud consumer.

Without a doubt SpotCloud marks the first step in the streamlining of the way cloud computing services are purchased. The service, amongst its many innovations, deserves special praise in the way that it provides financial benefit to cloud providers and cloud consumers. Often in business either the consumer or provider wins, here a model has emerged that both can gain financially from.

If you are interested in how the cloud can be used within your organisation, and services such as SpotCloud can streamline processes, save money and reduce administration, why not consider attending Learning Tree’s Cloud Computing Course. It provides an in depth, vendor neutral approach to detailing the business and technical benefits of cloud computing.


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