Stop calling it SharePoint!

Too many times I hear at clients that people are building SharePoint applications. They tell their users that they are getting a SharePoint application. Users Bing (Google) SharePoint and imagine what they find. Stop, let’s think about this for a moment and change the technology to prove a point.

If we were building an application to manage inventory for a client could we say, we are building a “.NET 3.5 application, using SQL Server 2008 R1, with a web services interface to ….”, or would we say, we are building an “Inventory Management Applications”.

Which would the users get? Which makes more sense?

Then, why are we saying “We are building SharePoint applications”, we are not! We are building web sites to manage documents, we are building a web site to manage projects, we are building a web site to collaborate. And, by the way we are using SharePoint to facilitate the technology, if anyone is interested.

Gord Maric


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