Susan’s Significant Project

I am currently planning a significant project that will commence in early October this year.  This project concerns a new application area for this project manager and my uncertainty is very high. The business case is simple: create a product for a specific target market for consumption by key stakeholders.  The customer’s quality expectations:  absolutely enjoy the experience.  Oh my, this is indeed a challenge!

The time commitment for this effort breaks into three segments.  First is the controlled start: validating the business case for this effort, selecting and building the project approach, planning the overall project (estimated two months duration), focusing on the product breakdown structure details the product flow diagram to sequence everything and the bill of materials for the final outcome, setting quality criteria and making sure all required pieces and parts are in place before work commences.

Next comes the actual “doing” of the work, the controlled middle.  This will be a very small, select project team focused on producing a single product that meets or exceeds its quality criteria.  Risk management activities are crucial as any mistakes can be deadly on a project of this type. Following the sequence of events is also key as a mis-step could spell disaster for the final outcome.  There are several management stages as the initial product must be progressively elaborated to get it to the desired final state.   

The controlled close is when the final product is complete.  From an operational perspective, we will need to distribute the product to key stakeholders and also collect feedback on its post-project performance in the field.  Well, I think I am ready to take a deep breath and jump in.  Thanks for listening!  I will be sure to let you know whether or not anyone likes my holiday fruitcake…

Susan Weese

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