Sustainability Provides a Competitive Edge in Today’s Job Market

I often wonder how sustainability project management is impacting the job market, as it has become a need for many organizations. The incorporation of sustainability project management can give employers an opportunity to turn a new leaf and apply their projects in a more conscious manner towards the environment. There’s a great article by Kevin Doyle called, “Job Market Sees Growing Demand for Sustainability Managers.” This article describes how the public and private sector of employers are gaining a perspective on how important sustainability is in their organization. As the demand for sustainability continues to grow and organizations prepare themselves for considering an action such as lowering emissions from their buildings or facilities, organization’s need to find subject matter experts (SME’s) to help planning and executing projects.

Considering this demand throughout organizations, it is important for potential employees to locate the tools to train them on sustainability project management. Ideally, utilizing educational material and studying for a certification would be the more obtainable option for most job seekers, however having a background in project management or other areas pertaining to environmental management could also benefit job seekers.

I found this article interesting as it pointed directly to different areas of expertise on sustainability management. It highlights three different areas that are most common in the workplace including “the champion and coordinator” who takes a more leadership focused role, or the “the sustainability facilities manager” who focus more on life-cycle and energy systems expertise highlighting the more technical skills, or “sustainability=environmental planning and design” who advocates the idea of “smart growth” and energy efficiency. (Doyle, 2008)

Please take a look at this article as it demonstrates the strongest avenues for job seekers in the sustainability project management field.

Larry T. Barnard, PMP, PMI-RMP, IISPM-Practitioner

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