Secure Web Service Connections

It’s very common when building enterprise Android apps to have a Web service connection. It’s a great mechanism for synchronizing data with the server-side of an application. There are two fundamental styles of Web service in use: REST (Representation State Transfer) and SOAP (which allegedly stands for Simple Object Access Protocol). Whichever style of service […]
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Of PINS and Passwords and Jelly Bean

Cybersecurity is never far from my mind these days. Many of my clients are quite rightly concerned about the risk of a security breach caused by a flaw in an Android application. One simple and hugely effective step that can be taken is to ensure that devices have a PIN or password enabled. The key […]
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Improving Android Security with Encryption

When developing Android applications for any professional organisation, the question of security always comes up, as indeed it should. There are many issues that should be considered regarding mobile application security so let’s take a look at one common one: data encryption. The first thing to do it to analyse your data and see it […]
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