Apple iOS 5 Newsstand

One of the simple, yet most useful features of Apple’s iOS 5 is the Newsstand. This is an application consisting of rows of virtual shelves where magazines and newspapers users have subscribed to are displayed. The latest versions of the magazines and newspapers are delivered to subscribers overnight so that the paper is ready and […]
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Understanding Apple iCloud

I have an iPhone 3GS, and my son has my old iPhone Original. My wife also has two iPhones, an old and new one. The other day my son asked me if he could download a game onto his phone. I told him he could, and the next day the app had magically appeared on […]
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Apple Announce iCloud

Last week at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, there were the usual announcements of upgrades and new releases for iPhones, iPads, Mac OS, etc. This year was a bit different too with the announcement of iCloud. A lot of commentators greeted this announcement with an indifference, based on an assumption that Apple is belatedly jumping […]
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