Use Computer Security Day as a Trigger for Security Awareness

November 30th is International Computer Security Day. Since 1998 the day has been celebrated as a way to focus attention on – what else – computer security. I think such observances are an excellent way to tie an organization’s activities to the calendar. Use ICSD to Promote Awareness This Computer Security Day I’d like to […]
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Training End Users to Defend Against Cyber Attacks

The title is from the refrain of a song that was popular many years ago, “Where have all the flowers gone” that was sung by Peter, Paul and Mary. I loved the folk music genre then and I still do today. The question, though, applies to cyber security and it was asked (in a wholly […]
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Why Your Company Needs a Cyber Security Awareness Program.

Unawares (adv.: without being aware of a situation) I think every organization needs some sort of cyber security awareness program. There, I said it. I know some folks don’t think they help, but even if they help a little bit they are a valuable part of an organization’s overall cyber security strategy. Besides, you can’t […]
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My 2014 New Year’s Resolutions

It’s early January 2014 as I write this so I suppose I, like newscasters, other bloggers and pundits, need to say something about New Year’s Resolutions. I tend not to make personal ones, but professionally – and specifically in the area of security – I’ll make a few. First, I plan to read more about […]
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What You Can’t See *Can* Hurt You

“Why is cybersecurity so hard?” I’ve heard that question a thousand times and I saw it recently again in an online forum on LinkedIn. I’d like to offer a partial answer this week. A large part of the issue is visibility: it is hard to see a cyberthreat. We can see (or at least imagine) […]
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