I Stink, You Stink, We All Stink

You stink! And so do I! I am a big proponent of biometrics. If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you probably already know that. Today I’d like to look at two developments in biometric authentication. First, Gizmodo reported recently on what seems to be a new method of authentication: BO. […]
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Eye Get It

On the surface, this looks as though it might be convenient: from grade 6 parents will be able to track their children’s every move from the time they leave the house until they return (unless they skip school, in which case they’d presumably be notified, too). It would be useful for businesses to control admission […]
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Sharing Fingers?

Reading the news this week one would think cybersecurity was the most interesting topic on the planet! It seems as though every publication and news outlet has a computer security story: the release of celebrity credit reports (which may not really be serious hacking at all), a new Linux distro with a host of security […]
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