The Mirai Botnet and My Old Advice

Security expert and writer Brian Krebs was the victim of a distributed denial of service attack that used the Mirai botnet. His site discusses the source code used on the compromised computers. Others have provided analysis of the code. The software is used to infect Internet of Things or IoT devices. Examples include webcams, DVRs, […]
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The Multi-Gigabit DDoS Threat, Part 3: Turning Up The Heat With NTP Amplification

Two weeks ago and last week I explained how DDoS attacks have grown from the Smurf and Fraggle attacks into DNS Amplification attacks flooding up to 300 Gbps at a target. Learning Tree’s System and Network Security Introduction course provides useful background. Things have gotten worse. NTP Amplification has become the weapon of choice, making […]
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The Multi-Gigabit DDoS Threat, Part 2: Modern Attacks with DNS Amplification

Last week I described some early and simple DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attacks, Smurf and Fraggle, and how basic best practices would help all of us. Let’s bring this DDoS discussion into the modern era. It’s still based on reflection and amplification, but the attacks achieve far more amplification through clever abuse of […]
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Facing Down the Trojans

“Get a free iPad” read my friend’s post on Facebook. Since I doubt Apple is giving away free iPads, and since I believe they sell enough they don’t need to give free ones away on Facebook, I knew this was a scam. I googled “free iPad” and found multiple sites offering the tablet for free. […]
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