Measuring Business-IT Integration – Part I

So we understand now what is meant by business service management or BSM and some of the critical success factors. Measurements are at the core of enabling IT organizations and IT leadership to assess how well IT organizations are supporting their respective businesses and customers. We will focus on indicators that help IT organizations appreciate […]
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Factors Impacting Service Management Implementation – Part II

We will continue our discussion from my previous blog about the factors that will most likely impact your Business Service Management or BSM implementation. Note that scoping and identifying what parts of your IT infrastructure and the overall organization are the most business critical will be vital to the overall success of the BSM initiative. […]
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Leveraging BSM to Maximize Return on ITSM Investments

Business service management (BSM) is about managing business services such that IT performance can be measured not in IT terms but in terms of business value delivered. Business services enable the core business process and, in most cases, are really what business customers can relate to. It will be critical to any organization embarking on […]
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