Requirements Scalability

Requirements can be developed and documented for many project and product types. Depending upon your organization and your project, the methodology you use to develop your requirements may range from a “fully dressed,” comprehensive approach to a more agile snapshot of a particular requirement or set of requirements at a particular point in time.  I […]
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Recommended Business Analysis Techniques: Baselining and Signoff

The BABOK® Guide recommends that business analysts use the baselining and signoff techniques to manage the solution scope and the associated requirements being developed for their projects. The project manager is also part of this effort as they are responsible and accountable for delivering the project scope and managing project risks. Ideally, the change management approach for the […]
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Identifying Project Assumptions and Constraints

Project assumptions and constraints show up frequently in our day-to-day business operations. Successful project managers and business analysts keep an eye out for the assumptions and constraints present on their projects.  After all, they can impact your project across a number of variables, including your project requirements and your resulting solution.  Given the risks that can arise from project […]
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Requirements Traceability – Part 4 of 4: Using the Coverage Matrix Technique

In this final post of the four-part traceability series, we will look at a recommended traceability technique. The coverage matrix technique is specific to the “manage requirements traceability” task in the BABOK® Guide. Basically, a coverage matrix is a table or spreadsheet used to manage and facilitate tracing of requirements. This simple approach is used […]
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Requirements Traceability – Part 3 of 4: Key Dependencies and Relationships

Now that we have looked at and thought about some of the details involved in requirements traceability, let’s dig a little deeper and look at some more requirements traceability details. Remember that the key dependencies and relationships between requirements should be recorded so they can be traced across and even beyond your project life cycle.  Creating and […]
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