4 Reasons Your Next Meeting Will Be Awful

Here’s a game you can play: The next time you’re in a truly dreadful meeting, decide which of these four reasons is the main cause. To put it another way: If your meeting avoids these four problems, it will probably be a pretty good one. At the start of Learning Tree’s one day course on facilitating […]
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Handling Ineffective Business Meeting Behaviors: Part 2

If you are tired of losing time because of disruptive behavior in meetings, these strategies will help provide you with some much-needed solutions to restore your productivity. Processing Conflict Acknowledge feelings. Feelings cannot realistically be left outside the meeting. Get them into the open. Remain neutral. Respect people’s right to have their feelings and encourage […]
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Managing an Effective Business Meeting: Part 1

Meetings vary enormously in purpose, number of attendees, style and duration. The general principles for holding successful and effective meetings are valid for all types of meetings. Effective meetings can: Provide swift and productive communication between a number of people Be a successful decision making instrument Enhance the motivation and commitment of a team PHASE […]
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