How to Co-Author Documents in Microsoft Office

Co-Author Documents in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint Did you know that multiple people can work together at the same time as a co-author on a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, or PowerPoint presentation? If you have access to OneDrive or SharePoint you and colleagues are ready to get started as document co-authors. Office has functions that allow […]
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How to Win at Office Politics: Shall We Play a Game?

“Politics is the process of people making decisions.” It’s often difficult to define office politics because it is more of a perception than an individual act. It includes the concepts of power, influence, clique, favor, protection, and communication. Additionally, every individual in an organization will have his or her own viewpoint and experience–often with extremely […]
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ATTN: Project Leaders – Command and Control is DEAD!!!!

Embrace collaboration to move your project ahead. Creating value on your project team requires collaboration, but many project leaders suffer from command-and-control ideas left over from the 19th century. Now that we can interact spontaneously with anybody, anywhere, command and control stifles efficiency and impedes value creation. Plus, it breeds fear, internal competition and information […]
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How to be a Great Project Leader with the Millennials

“Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.” Bill Bradley, former U.S. Senator and Hall of Fame basketball player Are you the next Alexander the Great of project leadership? Alexander the Great inspired, rewarded, and acknowledged those who fought alongside him. He instilled confidence and trust. His soldiers (teammates) were willing to follow him anywhere. […]
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Three Key Issues for Leading Virtual/Remote Teams

A Model for Effectiveness as a Virtual/Remote Working  (VRW) Leader Our model addresses three key issues: The focus of VRW management What successful VRW teams need Leveraging the opportunities and mitigating the threats associated with working apart 1. The focus of VRW management Task Level— ensuring the work is done Communication Level—managing communication Relationship Level— […]
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