4 Essential Skills for Team Success

In the end, team success isn’t about the abilities of the individual team members — it’s about how well the team members can work together to leverage each other’s abilities. And, for team members to work together well, they all need to be experts at four skills. There are four skills that every team member needs for the team […]
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The Two Perspectives on Conflict: Myself and Everyone Else

A conflict involves two people: you and somebody else. The key to successfully resolving those conflicts often comes down to recognizing two things — First: Realizing that you have several options available to you, and Second: Ensuring the other person understands you. In Learning Tree’s course on conflict management and resolution, we look at a conflict from three perspectives: […]
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Project Management Conflict Resolution

Examining Project Management Conflict According to Erik J. Van Slyke in Listening to Conflict, “Conflict involves competing interests, and inter-dependence to accomplish one’s objectives. Avoidance gets us nothing. Communication about the perceived incompatibility is often distorted. Project team members will interpret events in ways that make them look good and other team members look bad.” […]
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The Stick, the Carrot and the Hug

Dealing with power is part of being a project manager.  Most days, I find myself facing a situation where power is being used or applied to shift, change or influence the outcome and the course of my project.  Sometimes the power is being used on a particular team member from a more senior project stakeholder […]
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Why is Project Leadership Important to You?

All project leaders face complex environments . . . on projects and within the organization. Project leaders have to make sense of information delivered to them by team members, e-mail, social media, etc. . . . 24/7/365. We have to listen carefully, reflect and paraphrase, and then act in the present in effective ways to […]
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