Pssst, Wanna Hear a Secret – On My Mobile?

We all have secrets. We also know that if we share those secrets over our mobile devices governments can listen in. Now it seems governments and possibly hackers can take control of your phone using the phone’s own management software. I don’t think I’d use my mobile phone to communicate any secrets. But some clever […]
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Lockpicking or Picking a Lock – Is Physical Security Part of Your Cyber Security Plan?

I used to love to break into my brother’s bedroom when he wasn’t there. He always locked the door to keep me out (I think I was 13 and he was 10). The bedroom doors had a very simple lock and a thin piece of metal or wood – such as a meat skewer – […]
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Is Cyber Security a Priority for our Critical Infrastructure?

In a recent study, two-thirds of the citizens of a large city reported being mugged, but only a quarter said that stopping muggings was a top priority. OK, not really, but close. SC Magazine reported a similar situation in an article by Daneille Walker on July 11 of this year. They reported on a study […]
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Eavesdropping On Mobile Phones And Why We Need To Keep On Our Toes

Most of us in North America, Europe and much of the rest of the world trust in the confidentiality of our conversations on our mobile phones. There are still places, though, where that’s not the case. In those areas mobile phones aren’t encrypted. When we use a phone in those areas we don’t bother to […]
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It’s Phishing Season Again (Still)

As summer has come to an end, so has the fishing season.  If you like to fish, I hope you had a good year! It’s phishing season here too. I wrote last year that It’s always phishing season, but a new crop of issues has come up and they’re good to learn about. My Facebook friends have […]
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