Is Curtailing the Use of Encryption Apps a Good Idea?

Here in the US, and indeed in the press around the world, there are new calls to curtail the use of encryption. I suppose it is natural for politicians to seek boogeymen. Encryption is a good one as it just sounds like something only governments and bad guys would want to use. Never mind that […]
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Find Your Hidden Services

When you are inventorying network services as part of a security audit, make sure that you find all your hidden services! I don’t mean a hidden server as with the so-called “Deep Web”, something only accessible through Tor, but instead a network service that you might overlook on a known server. I was reminded of […]
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More Cyber Security Resources

The popular blogger and writer Cathy Reisenwitz had a blog post recently listing some Groups to Follow for Tech, Science and Telecommunications Policy. This reminded me of my post some time ago about Keeping Current. She listed some great sites including the EFF and CDT. Her post got me thinking about cyber security resources and […]
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Your BIND Server Probably Needs an Update

Years ago I wrote a class that included a long section on configuring DNS – the Domain Name System the Internet uses to “resolve” human-readable names into machine-processable IP addresses. I focused on explaining how to make it work. In a later security course I explained issues with DNS and how BIND 9 would fix […]
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More on Women in Cyber Security (and STEM Professions in General)

Last month I wrote about the need for more women in cyber security. The research for that post has made me reconsider some of my views about STEM education and I’d like to share some of that with you. Specifically, I was probably wrong about something. Let me begin with a story: When I was […]
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