My 2014 New Year’s Resolutions

It’s early January 2014 as I write this so I suppose I, like newscasters, other bloggers and pundits, need to say something about New Year’s Resolutions. I tend not to make personal ones, but professionally – and specifically in the area of security – I’ll make a few. First, I plan to read more about […]
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The SAS 70 Emperor Has No Clothes

A commonly cited auditing standard has little use for cybersecurity. When you put your data into the cloud, you turn over control. Operational responsibility moves to your cloud provider and you also lose visibility. You no longer do the work, you can’t even watch the work being done. However, you are still responsible for its […]
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Social Engineering on Father’s Day

Social engineering is a powerful tool. But, it is tough art to practice.  It’s fun and interesting to read about it.  But, what if you wanted to experience first-hand how it works?  You can’t just waltz into some establishment and run a con game.  Sending phishing or spearphishing emails to friends will not endear you […]
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This Java Threat Is Really Confusing

For several months, there were rumblings in the hacker underground about some serious threats to Java and Apple’s OS X.  ComputerWorld reported in late February 2012 that a new variant of an exploit called Flashback was making its rounds of Macs by using the browser and Java to get in.  CNN followed by reporting that […]
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Welcome to Our Cybersecurity Blog

Welcome to our newest blog, Perspectives on Security and Information Assurance! Learning Tree offers a range of cybersecurity courses from CompTIA certification to Cloud Security Essentials to CEH: Certified Ethical Hacker and more. This blog will feature perspectives of expert Learning Tree authors and instructors, covering all the latest in cybersecurity trends, news, and training […]
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