Project Leadership: The Context in Which We Make Decisions

Made any tough decsions lately? Project leaders make decisions in real time with limited information or information overload and ever-changing constraints. In order to make effective decisions, the project leader must understand the backdrop or the context within which she is making decisions —   What is the purpose of your project? —  Why does it exist? —   What services, products, […]
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PMs and BAs, How Are Your Problem Solving Skills?

Business analysts and project managers are frequently asked to evaluate and select solutions that meet defined business objectives. Your project’s selected solution targets solving an underlying problem and/or meeting a business need in the organization. Your primary goal when addressing a business problem is how to solve that problem. Most folks get this done through […]
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How Do We Make Good Team Decisions?

It can be difficult for the project team to make good decisions.  Should the scope of work be reduced?  Can we really do the work in the time provided?  What happens now that Dan is out for two weeks having surgery? The art of effective team decision-making is a difficult art to master.  I’m sorry […]
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Project Leadership Success: Responsibilities, Competencies and Behaviors That Produce Positive Results – Part 5 of 10

Competencies: Making Effective Decisions Decisions must be made with a commitment to seeing them through. Effective decisions can be made by fixing attention on a few major decisions rather than a lot of little ones, along with focusing on making “right” decisions. Good decision makers define these four attributes for more effective decision making: 1. […]
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