The Internet Has Serious Trust Problems, Part 2: Data Loss Prevention Leads to Trust Loss

Last week I explained the cryptographic side of digital certificates and secure web site identity as we discuss it in Learning Tree’s System and Network Security Introduction course. But that only explained the part that works well. This week, I’ll tell you where it has been falling apart. A root CA can create something called […]
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The Internet Has Serious Trust Problems

In Learning Tree’s System and Network Security Introduction course we talk about how digital signatures work, and how they are used to create x509.v3 digital certificates, which in turn are used to secure your connections to web servers. The connections are secured in two ways. First, by verifying the identity of the server to which […]
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GnuTLS Bug Puts Network Communications at Risk

A week ago Apple reported the goto fail bug, a logical coding error in the Mac OS X and iOS implementations of a TLS shared library. Yes, it really happened at a goto statement jumping execution to a code block handling failure. This week the open-source community had egg on its crowd-sourced face as we […]
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