Using Microsoft Recorder to Create Documentation and Application Support Tickets

Create documentation or application support tickets with Microsoft Recorder Have you ever needed to create documentation that shows someone else how to use an application or website within your organization? Or, have tried to explain to a Technical Support person within your organization about a problem you are running into with an application or website. […]
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Documenting .NET Web Services using OpenAPI (formally Swagger) and Swashbuckle

Web services are increasingly common–driven by the rise of web and mobile apps, and application architecture philosophies such as microservices. The current vogue is to create RESTful web services. These expose data as a set of resources (entities) and use the features of the HTTP protocol to operate on these resources. The HTTP protocol contains […]
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Just Write It Down

I have a confession to make: I don’t like writing documentation. I enjoy writing these blogs, I enjoy writing courses, I enjoy writing lots of things. But I don’t really like listing cable numbers and where they go, what files are on what server, and so forth. These are essential for security tasks, of course, […]
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Creating Documentation With Doxygen – Part 2

In the first part of this series, I showed how Doxygen can be set up to produce documentation based on comments in code for Objective-C. In this second part, I’ll show some examples of how individual methods and classes can be documented and how Doxygen can be integrated into an Xcode build to create a […]
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Creating Documentation With Doxygen – Part 1

A lot of the students that attend the Learning Tree iPhone and iPad development courses are from a Java and C# background. Both these languages have a rich, well-established set of frameworks and tools to support large-scale development. Tools such as continuous integration builders and testing frameworks. One specific question I had on a course […]
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