4 Essential Skills for Team Success

In the end, team success isn’t about the abilities of the individual team members — it’s about how well the team members can work together to leverage each other’s abilities. And, for team members to work together well, they all need to be experts at four skills. There are four skills that every team member needs for the team […]
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Emotional Intelligence: Your Four Advisers

The communication between advisers forms the basis for emotional intelligence. We function on the basis of four advisers: Instinctual (brain stem) Emotional or heart (limbic system) Thinking or rational (neocortex) Intuitive (The brain structure for this adviser has not been successfully located yet) Our four advisers interact by informing each other; they may overshadow, dominate […]
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Building an Emotionally Intelligent Project Team

“Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.”  — Abraham Maslow How can you build and enhance team performance? You can achieve goals by leveraging the emotional intelligence of your team. And, you can develop transparency that increases trust and teamwork. FLASH: Emotionally competent project teams = greater overall […]
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Five Steps for Creating a Steady Project Leadership Persona

You’re up one day and down the next. No problem—the people who work for you can just go with the flow, right? “Wrong,” says Karen Wright, whose company, Parachute Executive Coaching (www.parachuteexecutivecoaching.com). Wright, the author of The Complete Executive: The 10-Step System for Great Leadership Performance (Bibliomotion, 2012), offers these five tips on creating a steady […]
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What You Need to Know About Personal Accountability

In the past few months, we have read and heard a lot about coaches and/or administrators abusing power for personal and professional benefit. What does this mean for project leaders?  It means we need to take a closer look at personal accountability. Developing Personal Accountability Most project leaders want to be known as responsible, competent, […]
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