Measuring Business-IT Integration – Part I

So we understand now what is meant by business service management or BSM and some of the critical success factors. Measurements are at the core of enabling IT organizations and IT leadership to assess how well IT organizations are supporting their respective businesses and customers. We will focus on indicators that help IT organizations appreciate […]
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Perfecting the art of SLAs

On the next series of blogs, I’ll be reviewing the areas that need to be taken into consideration when perfecting the art of service level agreements (SLAs). Service Level Management (SLM) is the process responsible for the management of SLAs. The process falls within service design of the ITIL® lifecycle. However, the SLAs will have […]
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Understanding Organizational Maturity Levels

The extent to which a business enterprise is able to exploit IT capabilities to achieve its business objectives is determined by the maturity of its IT organization. ITILv3 provides a set of good practices in order to build IT capabilities so that it is able to deliver what IT organization’s businesses and/or customers are looking […]
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ITIL® Implementation: Which Process Do I Start With?

This is a classic question that is asked by a number of students on our ITIL courses! Unsurprisingly, the answer is, “It depends.” The first step is to create a baseline. This can be done by assessing the resources and capabilities. From there appropriate targets can be set as to what is required to be […]
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Welcome to Our Latest Blog: Perspectives on ITIL®

Welcome to our latest blog on ITIL® and IT Service Management. The same insight and expertise that our world-class instructors contribute to our current blogs (Cloud Computing, SharePoint, .NET, and Project Management) will be on full display in this newest entry to our IT and Management blog portfolio. Learning Tree International offers a range of […]
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