Distinguishing and Combating DDoS Attacks

Cyber Attacker, Brian Krebs, wrote an article criticizing criminals who use DDoS (or Distributed Denial of Service) for extortion. They flood your servers with traffic. This makes them inaccessible to your intended audience. After a few hours of attack you receive a message explaining how you can pay to make it stop. Soon after his […]
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The Stagefright Bug: Description and Mitigation

I love my Android phone. I’m glad I upgraded from the iPhone. However, a serious flaw was discovered that affects nearly one billion (yes, with a “b”) Android devices. That bug allows an attacker to send a single MMS (multimedia) message that could allow the attacker to access data, devices and apps on the device. […]
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Two Lessons Learned From a Personal Malware Story

In Learning Tree’s System and Network Security Introduction, we say “never trust software from anyone”. This literally hit home this week. My wife bought a new high-end laptop from a major vendor. There were some issues… When the laptop arrived, it had a copy of a well-known personal firewall/anti-virus product. The license was limited and […]
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Regin is a Sophisticated New Cyberespionage Threat

Another highly advanced and highly stealthy Advanced Persistent Threat (or APT) has come to light over the past few weeks. It has been around at least since 2008, and it may have been active for several years before that. Its stealthiness and complexity have delayed detection and defensive analysis. Symantec and Kaspersky Labs have released […]
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Darkhotel Shows That Hotel Cyber Security is Even Worse Than We Thought

I recently wrote about cyber security and hotels. Now Kaspersky Labs has reported that things are even more dangerous than we realized. Darkhotel is an APT or Advanced Persistent Threat. Since at least 2007 this sophisticated attack has targeted executives staying in luxury hotels in Asia, mostly in Japan. The technology and targeting suggest state-level […]
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