How IT Organizations Can Build Transparency

The solution to the major challenges facing IT organizations is addressed by establishing transparent communications between you and your stakeholders. Here’s how you can do that, starting with your own team. In an earlier blog post (What Pokémon GO Can Tell You About IT Management’s Three Major Challenges), I discussed two major challenges that IT […]
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The Project Leader’s Guide to Using Tuckman’s Five-Stage Team Development Model

This guide is adapted from Bruce W. Tuckman, “Developmental Sequence in Small Groups,” Psychological Bulletin, (vol. 63, no. 6, pp 384-399, 1965) and various summaries of his work. This model is very helpful for understanding group dynamics and why some groups fail to perform. Assumptions: Each group must go through one stage before moving on to the […]
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Recognizing and Addressing Project Team Conflicts

Working in teams requires you to manage and address conflicts. It is essential that project managers recognize the two basic types of conflict: emotional and cognitive. Emotional conflict stems from personal interactions, while cognitive conflicts are based upon disagreements on matters of substantive value or impact on the project or organization. Resolution of cognitive conflict […]
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